About Jay

I was born in Allentown, Pennsylvania in 1949. As a small child, I sculpted wood with a pocket knife.

I continued wood carving as an adult, though I did not pursue an education in art. Instead, I earned a business degree in college and enjoyed several careers unrelated to art, while raising a family.

From 1997 to 2007, I prepared for my retirement years as an artist by studying the use of the “Golden Section” at a local art studio. The “Golden Section” (dynamic symmetry) is the structural foundation of drafting and applying design to fine art, which has been the basis of most works of fine art created throughout thousands of years.

All of my art is suffused with the dynamic symmetry of the Golden Section. A viewer of my work will note rounded, flowing movements that often dominate my work. My reliance on arcs, rounded forms and arabesques, results from the influence of the artists like Henri Matisse (French 1869-1954), Constantin Brancusi (Romanian 1876-1957), Pablo Picasso (Spanish 1881-1973) and Amedeo Modigliani (Italian 1884-1920); they and others who were obviously trained in the strategies of the “Golden Section” but moved on to devise varying strategies of rendering rounded and/or flowing movements in their art that were in some manner suggestive of design and the elements of construction.

After retiring from a successful career in the business world in February, 2007, my central focus became exhibiting my art. My art has appeared at numerous juried exhibitions and competitions throughout America since 2007.

Looking forward, my singular goal is to achieve favorable critical acclaim for my art and recognition by the art world; by submitting to respected, juried, fine art exhibitions and fine art societies, here in America and abroad.

As you browse this website, you will note a variety of styles, from impressionism to abstract expressionism; including both two and three dimensional art. All were inspired in some way by the sculptures, paintings and drawings of many great master artists who I have studied in museums throughout America and Europe.

Jay F. Goldstein

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